Writing Exercise - The Monster High Above

"The Monster High Above"

On high the beast, through tumulous sky,
did spread its azure wings and fly
above the palace walls which guarded
shaking forms and fearful minds.

Its song of dread bellowed above
eliciting from the far below
collective moans of echoed fright
of death to come it could bestow.

Though unbeknownst to most inside
those walls of stone and mortar high
their lay a greater threat above
the beast that circled in the sky.

It's wretched form, with body wide
and horrid with its writhing hide,
would boggle minds and stop the hearts
of those that in the castle hide.

So darting 'round up in the sky,
the beast from which we all would fly,
was acting not as death above
but savior from a darker blight.

White hot fire cleft darkness twain
from azure maw the light did spring
and briefly shown from dark embrace
a monster with the devils face.

Its form was vast and warped with filth
that that fell from it like ichor rain,
unblinking eyes all focused down
upon our saviors noble flame.

With howls their clash went on and on
across the sky between the clouds.
Though fiercely did the dragon fight,
it's light would slowly fade.

When morning came the skies were clear,
another night survived for now,
but all across the quiet land
was sprinkled black stained azure scales.


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