Writing Exercise - The Cough of a Child

The Cough of a Child

Animal noises echo down alleyways and empty streets, a wild symphony playing to an empty house. The stars in the sky shine their light down on abandoned cars and fields that were long overgrown with weeds, nature retaking what had so previously been subjugated by mankind. Now though that subjugation had come to an end, mankind's grasp of nature had been loosened by events that the survivors described as 'mundane' or 'unassuming'. 
See the end of man was not heralded in by the great boom of explosions ripping apart the countryside, nor the ripping and rending of flesh from some half-imagined the horror, no the end of mankind was heralded in by a child coughing. 
Some believed that it would be a virus that would wipe us out in the end, and some believed that we would make it, however, no one thought that it was something that was with us the entire time that would end up taking us out. 
It was the common cold. 
More accurately it was a mutation o…

Ego's Blog Challenge - #1 All for a Wish

All for a Wish
Bravery can be described as realizing one's own fears and still doing what needs to be done despite them. Bravery can also be described as willing to put oneself in the path of conflict to protect the innocent, or at least that was what Van was telling himself as he crouched low behind the rocky outcroppings of the creature's lair.

It had been a long and treacherous trip but here he was, finally within sight of his prize.  Well, a prize was the wrong word, it was more an unfathomable horror that he was trying to dispose of for the greater good. What was this unfathomable horror? This terrible prize that he sought so hard for while repeating the definition of bravery in his mind like a mantra?

A ring.

Not just any ring though, no this one held a terrible power that even the most stout of minds couldn't handle.  The sort of power that was whispered only in legends and overwhelmed the most steadfast of heroes. At least that was what Van had been told, truthful…

Writing Exercise - The Giants Hobby

The Giants Hobby "That one looks quite good, I love how you've taken such care with the bridge of the nose." piped up Spurt, adjusting her seat upon the giant's shoulder as she watched. The child was barely more than ten years old but she had been watching the giant ever since she was old enough to walk and talk. Heedless of the warnings her mother and their village had given her she had stricken up something of a friendship with him, amazed not only at his size but at the work he constantly produced.

"Thank you little one." Was the reply as he held up the giant slab of stone that was meticulously being carved into the semblance of a head, one that he had carved a thousand times before in various expressions and poses. Over the boulder he cast careful eyes, turning it this way and that in the light for them both to examine. "What should the expression be little one? I was thinking mild shock." The boulder was still for the most part featurless of…

Writing Exercise - The Monster High Above

"The Monster High Above"

On high the beast, through tumulous sky,
did spread its azure wings and fly
above the palace walls which guarded
shaking forms and fearful minds.

Its song of dread bellowed above
eliciting from the far below
collective moans of echoed fright
of death to come it could bestow.

Though unbeknownst to most inside
those walls of stone and mortar high
their lay a greater threat above
the beast that circled in the sky.

It's wretched form, with body wide
and horrid with its writhing hide,
would boggle minds and stop the hearts
of those that in the castle hide.

So darting 'round up in the sky,
the beast from which we all would fly,
was acting not as death above
but savior from a darker blight.

White hot fire cleft darkness twain
from azure maw the light did spring
and briefly shown from dark embrace
a monster with the devils face.

Its form was vast and warped with filth
that that fell from it like ichor rain,
unblinking eyes all focused down
upon our …

HTBG Presents: The Lore Corner

Magic lore, it is as vast as it is interesting and there is no end to the questions I receive about it. Today's topic pertains to one of the most asked questions I get. So without further ado, enjoy!

"Why are current planeswalkers so much more different than older planeswalkers?"

Wow, what a question, now how to tackle that. Well, gather around kids this is going to be a good one.

So let's begin at the beginning, when talking about planeswalkers: you can sort of split them into two groups; pre-mending and post-mending.There is a lot of ground to cover and nearly limited tangients to go on so I will be limiting myself to mostly important events and the basic differences. Now let's break down the meaning behind those names.

First up is pre-mending. Planeswalkers used to be very very strong, no stronger than that. Stronger, no stronger. Think of the strongest thing you possibly can think of, they beat that to a pulp. Suffice it to say, crossing one of the old plains…

Oath of the Gatewatch Reflections

Ob Nixilis is pissed off with his spark returned and Kozilek just showed up to do a slow waltz of decimation with Ulamog across Zendikar. Things could be better, but the planeswalkers are regrouping. Several other things are going down in the story, but that's not important. If you're a lore-nut, like me, you can go check out the storyline and what's going down on Wizard's website. As for the purpose of this article, we are going to take a look at this new set, not from a flavor standpoint, but from a mechanical one.

Let's go!

So let's talk mechanics and keywords. First up is Cohort. Now I initially thought of Cohort as a trash mechanic, since you need two allies (one with the ability, the other to, uh, you know, help out) but now having played with and seen it played in pre-release events, I can revise my opinion somewhat. Cohort is a cool and occasionally-tricky trash ability. 

Why do I say that? Well for one thing it, does still require you to use two creatu…

Alive And Well With Living Card Games!

Today I would like to talk about one of my new loves, Living Card Games! 

Ah Living Card Games, where should I start! First off let's go over exactly what a Living Card Game is!

Card Games can be separated into three different types of games. The first, and resoundingly more popular, being Collectible or Trading Card Games (CCG or TCG).

In these games, cards are purchased at 'random' and there is usually a strong secondary market of individual cards, each of which having their own value. This causes the hobby to be split in two, half being playing the game and the other half in collecting and maintaining a collection of the cards!

The second less-popular, but still super fun option, is called a Deck Building Game.

 There are plenty of examples of these out there in any flavor an aspiring gamer might enjoy: Ascension, Legendary, Resident Evil, Street Fighter, The DC Deck Building Game. Now in these games, it is a box set with expansions available, much in the same way boar…